Profit from LIVE trading on Betfair

I do hope you are practicing reading your in-play stats in this early part of the season.

You’ll need them as Italian Seria A and Spanish La Liga come onboard this weekend. The Germans, usually first to the sun loungers, are the last to start their football seasons.

The Twitter chats I have done I have been pleased with by-and-large. I do like Saturday chats, as we have a multitude of matches kicking off at the same time. I described Saturday live chats as three-expressos-in-a-row live chats.

If you want a more sedately experience, then Sunday live chats tend to be slower, but equally as effective. These are more, cappuccino-on-a-sidestreet-watching-the-world-go-by live chats.

I do hope you can come along to a live chat – click here. I try to do week-day live chats, but you must excuse me if I nod off for 19:45 kick offs: the +6-hour time difference can leave me bleary eyed.

Tonight’s coupon will be interesting. Dutch Eerste Divisie returns for your Friday favourites, along with our Irish friends, and a smattering of other leagues, making for an appealing trading coupon.

New info always welcome 

I have been receiving emails from a service called Infogol, for free, regarding the Premier League. I like a freebie and the info provided is certainly unique. More info can be found here: As long as it remains free, I’ll use it. It is, apparently, a computer-based model.

Now, I am not a fan of whole-heartedly putting your faith in computer-based predictions. A computer will crunch the numbers, but won’t tell you that Striker X is in a poor run of form, or Team Y has improved because of their new manager, or that certain teams perform better vs teams in a certain section of the league, etc, etc.

Take a look if you think it can add to your knowledge-base and decision-making.

If you want good ol’ fashioned research from a mere human, then I am here for you at (remember the new name).

Have a great weekend and see you for a live chat or two. Twitter only at the moment. Live chat webinars will begin once there are a few more matches under our belts.